Terms and Conditions of Sale

Puppies occasionally available to strictly approved homes.
All puppies will be vaccinated ,wormed and vet checked,all go to their new homes with a supply of Royal Canin food ,diet sheet five generation pedigree KC reg and 6 weeks free long help and advice given.All my dogs live in the house as family pets.

.When making enquiries about our puppies, we expect you to have researched the breed and to be sure that this is the right breed for you.
Our sales contract states that you will provide a home for this dog for life (it is not to be sold or passed on elsewhere) and as PAPILLONS can live into their late teens. this is not a decision to be taken lightly. They will also require mental stimulation, and once past the puppy stage, will also require sensible exercise as well. Although the papillon is a fit and active breed able to take a lot of exercise, it does not require as much as the traditional working breeds.
You will also be expected to have plenty of time to devote to your new puppy, and time spent on the initial settling in/house training can help make things go far more smoothly than trying to fix things once problems have occurred and bad habits have been allowed to form.

We also expect you to come and meet ourselves and our dogs at least once before our puppies are old enough to leave us. This will usually be from about 3 weeks old onwards but if travelling any distance they're a lot more interesting at 5 weeks onwards and don't spend quite as much time sleeping.

I prefer not to export, so these enquiries are dealt with on their own merit.

No enquiries on behalf of 3rd parties please, if you are interested our dogs or puppies then please contact us yourself.

If you are enquiring about our puppies, please include the following in your enquiry :-

Please do tell us all about yourselves, your family members and any current or previous dogs or other pets you have owned.

Who will be the primary care giver for the dog/puppy?

How much time will the puppy spend alone due to your employment or hobbies/entertainment (please include travelling time to/from there)?

What provision will be made for settling the puppy into its new home?

What plans do you have for holidays? Is the puppy included?

Does your house have a securely fenced garden? If you have neighbours, are they dog-friendly?

What area is available for exercising the puppy?

Do you have any experience of the breed you are enquiring about and why have you chosen this breed?

Is the puppy to be purely a pet or do you have plans for anything further (showing, agility, breeding, etc)?

Have you enquired anywhere else for a puppy/dog and are you currently on anyone's waiting list?

By providing us with as much information as possible, we can then use that information to try and match you up with the most suitable puppy and informative emails are usually given priority for replies.

Enquiries that tell us nothing about yourself and merely ask what is available or for how much will usually simply be deleted without a reply.